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Наш отель расположен в Коста-дель-Соль в Торремолиносе. Прямо на пляже Карихуела, недалеко от всех развлечений, и Пуэрто-де-ла-Марина. В нескольких минутах езды от Малаги и аэропорта (12 минут езды).
Его расположение позволяет посетителям комфортно перемещаться в другие города или провинции
таких как Гранада или Севилья и воспользоваться пребывания, чтобы изучить туристические места, представляющие большой интерес Андалусии.

Как туда попасть?

Из аэропорта:
Такси: всего 12 минут, стоит около 24 евро.
Пригородные поезда: выйти в Эль-Pinillo, в нескольких минутах ходьбы от отеля: 15 минут. Если низко в станции Торремолинос Centro: Вы можете сесть на автобус, который оставит вам пять минут ходьбы.

От железнодорожного вокзала в Малаге (Мария Самбрано):
Пригородные поезда: выходит в Торремолинос Pinillo или центре.
Такси: стоимость проезда от железнодорожного вокзала Мария Самбрано в Hotel La Barracuda приблизительно 27 €.
La Barracuda ***
Avenida de España, 1 , C.P. 29620
Torremolinos, España

Tel. +34 952 385 400
Fax +34 952 38 91 21



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Best price guaranteed. Why?
The official website always offers the best online price guaranteed, because there are no intermediaries.

Without intermediaries?
Yes, furthermore this will end with communication mistakes. Your booking and your data will be directly received by us.

Direct communication, how does this help me?
We are at your disposal at any time you need us and we provide you only with true information about our hotel. We advise you with your booking before, during and after.

Always available? Every day at any time?
Yes, you have at your disposal the web assistance telephone from monday to friday. For any other question, you can always dial our hotel's customer support number, 24h. Per day.

What does immediate confirmation mean?
From the moment you make your booking it is registered in our system instantly, because there are no intermediaries. The avalability confirmation is made effective at that right moment, avoiding overbookings and uncomfortable transfers to other hotels.

Direct payment in the hotel?
Yes, you may pay at arrival, no hurries. *if the rate conditions allow it (non-refundable rates will be charged immediately).

What if I have a problem with my booking?
You will manage it directly with us and we will do everything in our hands to solve as soon as possible.

Are there any special advantages for official website bookings?
Yes, not only we garanty you the best prices. You will also receive a welcome drink upon your arrival.

But, does this mean I will enjoy assignment advantages?
Yes, we always offer our customers the best available room in the chosen category.

How do I know the booking is 100% secure?
Your browser will verify it at the moment of the payment, showing the "green lock" icon. Furthermore, all your data will be managed in accordance with the lopde, and your credit card will be hosted in an inaccessible system, just in case the payment is made before your arrival.

If i don't have to pay until my arrival, why do i need to provide my credit card number?
The card is just used as a guarantee. If you are to pay on arrival, it won't be used.

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